Bringing quality education to disadvantaged areas. Currently we are working in Bumwalukani village, Uganda and Pittsburgh.


In rural Uganda (80% of the country) students lack basic classroom materials that you and I take for granted, such as paper and pencil. There is a great need for resources, material and services. Similarly, students in underprivileged areas of Pittsburgh are also lacking the proper support needed to reach their full potential. PHI recognizes these inequalities and aims to fill in the gap and in the process bridge these seemingly distant communities. Find our how... 



                                     TUTORING PROGRAMS

                                          UGANDA PROJECTS

PHI Book Drive in Winchester Thurston School in Pittsburgh, PA

Find out about our organization, mission, our methods. 

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Danya tutoring for Social Studies at Brashear High School

Ready to take the next step? Become a tutor and participate in the cause.

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